Getting started

First complete our registration form. Our Support Manager will review your application within 24 hours and contact you with any questions if anything is unclear. Once your registration is approved you’ll receive a welcome email providing you with your login details and your Personal Affiliate Manager’s contact details. We recommend that you work alongside your Personal Affiliate Manager to determine a suitable marketing strategy before choosing the appropriate media tools to optimize your marketing efforts. Your Account Manager will support you every step of the way.

Yes, Genesis Affiliates can set up accounts for Media Agencies and manage and report on a variety of media activities.

Yes, Genesis Affiliates can set up accounts for Media Agencies and manage and report on a variety of media activities.

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Genesis Affiliates provides you with several reports to enable you to track our mutual success. Taking into account the individual media resources and marketing channels you use, as well as analyzing each Player’s activity, these reports provide you with detailed calculations of your commissions in addition to summaries of the relevant player’s activity. Commission calculations are clear and easy to understand.

We pay a lifetime revenue share income. Our goal is to keep our Players happy and playing. We invest considerable time and effort into entertaining existing Players and reactivating inactive Players so that we can provide you with a stable, and continually growing, lifetime income stream.

This depends entirely upon your commission plan. Our best plan is our Revenue Share Plan. This is our default plan, enabling you to earn money on every player who signs up and makes a deposit at one of our five brands. We calculate your Revenue Share Commission from the combined Net Earnings of all your Player referrals – for life.

The Genesis Affiliates Revenue Share Plan is one of the most competitive plans in the online casino industry. You can earn anywhere between 25% and 40% Net Revenue Share for life. Our program does not concern itself with how many depositing Players you refer each month, but rather the Net Revenues generated by the casino from the Players you have referred to date. We understand that your referral activities can either increase or decrease over time and are not always under your control, so we support your efforts 100%, without unnecessary or unproductive pressure.

Genesis Affiliates has automatic gateways set up with major online payment vendors to ensure accurate and prompt payments. You can expect to receive your monthly commission via your chosen payment method within the first two weeks of every month.

Payment Issues

Genesis Affiliates will transfer your commission via your chosen payment method within the first two weeks of every month. The minimum payout is €100 for all options – All unpaid amounts are automatically transferred over to the next month for payment.

When viewing the post’s page, you will see the control panel directly above your image with the “Archive” option at the very left. Simply click on the Archive button and you will see that it becomes highlighted, rather than greyed out. Your post is now archived.

Unfortunately, payment method details cannot be updated via your account settings. Please send an email to [email protected] or contact your Affiliate Manager directly to change any of the details we have associated with your records.

Technical Questions

Log in to and click on Media Gallery in the header menu. You will see several categories. The Media Gallery allows you to search through all our media resources: Geo-Location Media Groups provide media resources that respond to Players’ IP addresses; Geo-Targeted Media Resources respond to the Player’s browser language; and XML fees provide you with live winners and jackpot data. Other media resources include a variety of logos, icons, banners, text links, articles, HTML mailers, XML feeds and RSS feeds for any country and language. If you require a resource that we don’t currently offer, please contact your account manager in the first instance. We will support you with all your needs.

Each time a potential New Player clicks on any of your media resources our tracking code is captured by a cookie in their browser and is stored on their computer. This means that, even if the player doesn’t sign up immediately, you will be credited with that New Player referral when they eventually do. All referred Player activity will be credited to your Net Income. This will continue to be generated for the duration of each Player’s lifetime with one of the five brands. The My Media section in your login account displays all the media resources that you are currently using. The search results are arranged in order of best performing media, based on clicks.


Feel free to contact us everyday 24 hours! Just email us: [email protected]